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May 11, 2014

Taralli by Terre Di Puglia

by Anne Paddock

Taralli are round Italian breadsticks, similar in texture to a crumbly cracker with a savory or sweet taste, depending on the ingredients. A delicious, crunchy pretzel-like snack that can be eaten on its own, Taralli are traditionally made with flour, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, yeast, and salt although the savory Italian rings are often flavored with fennel seeds, onion, pepper, sesame seeds, oregano, tomatoes, anchovies or poppy seeds.

Once the dough is made and formed into a ring, the Taralli are boiled before being baked to ensure a crisp exterior texture that is perfect for dipping into cheese, tapenade, dips, spreads, and even wine. But the best feature of Taralli is that although the outside is crunchy, the inside melts in your mouth.

1601082_717577138273600_533797120_nTerre Di Puglia is an Italian company in which extra virgin olive oil is the basis from which all delicacies are made, including the Taralli, which come in five flavors:1472074_661873250510656_738404310_n

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taralli: The original, the perfectly crisp yet slightly crumbly Taralli. These bite-sized rings are as addicting as potato chips made with olive oil.
  • Taralli with Fennel Seeds;  Fresh fennel seeds are baked to a crisp and added to the traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taralli to create an aromatic and savory Taralli.
  • Chili Pepper Taralli:  Chili peppers are added to the recipe to create a slightly spicy Taralli best enjoyed as is or paired with a mild cheese or dip.
  • Mediterranean Taralli: Pomace oil (the olive oil extracted from the olive pulp after the first press), oregano, tomatoes and anchovies are added to the traditional Taralli dough to make these Taralli rings a flavorful snack.
  • Onion Taralli: A hint of onion flavor make these snacks a favorite with wine and cheese.

557763_479770152054301_168846986_nTaralli by Terre Di Puglia are packaged in 8.8 ounce bags (250 grams) and can be purchased at the Dean & DeLuca stores (or on-line at for $3 per bag – a true bargain. The bags can also be purchased through (6 bags for $23.70), ($3.95 – $4.75 per bag) and at Italian grocery stores nationwide. To read more about Taralli by Terre Di Puglia, go to the company website:

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