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June 10, 2017

Cabernet Estate Reserve® Tomatoes

by Anne Paddock

Low in calories and rich in fiber, it’s a crisp, healthy pick, as easy to reach for as your favorite glass of wine.

Cabernet is often described as complex, full-bodied with dark fruity flavors which is exactly how a Cabernet Estate Reserve® Tomato can also be described. Never heard of the Cabernet Estate Reserve Tomato®?  Village Farms International – a Canadian company that specializes in greenhouse grown produce – grows Cabernet Estate Reserve® Tomatoes – a beautiful brown cherry tomato that is very complex starting with the color:  a deep wine hue with shades of vine. The texture is semi-crisp and the flavor is deeply earthy with very sweet overtones – which is how a sommelier could also describe a Cabernet.

Use a a snack, in a salad, or to make a sauce, salsa, or jam. Extremely versatile, the Cabernet Estate Reserve® Tomato is the type of tomato people obsess over and for good reason. After years of bland tomato offerings, an understated tomato with overstated characteristics is a welcome change.

Grown and sold exclusively by Village Farms through grocery stores (including Fresh Market and Whole Foods Markets) nationwide, a 10 ounce packet of Cabernet Estate Reserve® Tomatoes sells for about $4, depending on the retailer.

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