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March 3, 2018

Executive Compensation at Susan G Komen

by Anne Paddock

The Susan G Komen organization is not just one organization managed by a small group of executives but two organizations:

  • the Foundation (The Susan G Women Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc) which is often referred to as the “parent” organization since it is largely supported by the local affiliates (76 in the US and 1 International affiliate that give approximately 25% of the net funds raised to support the Foundation) along with contributions through fundraising; and
  • the Group (The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Group) which is the 77 affiliates that conduct more than 300 fundraising events annually.  Both organizations are 501 (c) (3)’s and are based out of the same office in Dallas, Texas.

Although both organizations engage in similar functions – fundraising, grant making (research at the Foundation while screening, treatment, and education at the Group), and program services, think of Group as the consolidation of all the local affiliates while the Foundation as the parent organization. Consequently, there are the executives that manage the foundation and the individual CEO/Executive Directors that run the 77 affiliates.

The Foundation

The more highly compensated employees are at the Foundation where 278 individuals are employed (based on the IRS Form 990 covering the year beginning April 1, 2016 and ending March 30, 2017) and compensated $24.7 million (an average of $89,000 per employee).  46 individuals received more than $100,000 in compensation and include the following 16 most highly compensated staff that were compensated $4 million:

  • $565,408:  Dr. Judith Salerno, President and CEO (until 11/16)
  • $335,808:  Robert Green, CFO
  • $316,964:  Ellen Willmott, Secretary and Interim President, CEO (beginning 11/16)
  • $287,841:  Christina Alford, SVP Development
  • $259,018:  Lesly Lurie, Deputy Counsel and Asst Secretary
  • $252,435:  Catherine Olivieri, VP Human Resources
  • $232,825:  Eric Montgomery, VP Information Technology
  • $233,074:  Miguel Perez, SVP Affiliate Network (end 1/17)
  • $165,413:  Lori Maris, SVP Affiliate Network (beginning 1/17)
  • $206,779:  Ria Williams, Controller
  • $203,862:  Victoria Wolodzko, VP Research and Community Health
  • $201,158:  Gary Cole, Senior Director (end 12/16)
  • $196,225:  Andrea Rader, Senior Director Communications
  • $192,835:   Charlotte Walsh, SVP Marketing (end 8/16)
  • $192,682:  Subhendu Rath, Senior Director IT Enterprise Systems
  • $179,756:  Vanessa Hewitt, Senior Director Internal Audit

It is important to note that there were staff changes so some positions had two staff (i.e. SVP Affiliate Network was held by Miguel Perez until 1/17 and then by Lori Maris beginning 1/17. Collectively, this position had total compensation of nearly $400,000).  In addition, the SVP Marketing position was only held from April, 2016 to August, 2016 with compensation of $192,835 (the position does not appear to have been filled before year-end). And, the Interim President and CEO was compensated $316,964 from 11/16 – 3/17 (on an annualized basis, this would equate to about $760,000). If the salaries of both individuals that held the title of CEO were considered, then the total compensation for that top position was about $900,000.

The IRS Form 990 (2016) also reports the organization pays for first class and charter travel.  Of the $2 million the Foundation spent on travel (of the $70 million raised that year), it is unclear how much was for used for business, first class, or charter travel.

The Group

The IRS Form 990 (2015 covering the year beginning April 1, 2015 and ending March 30, 2016)  reports the following information for the GROUP:

Each affiliate is independently responsible for determining the compensation of its CEO/Executive Director and key employees.

701 individuals were employed and compensated $29.5 million (an average of $42,000 per employee). 28 individuals received more than $100,000 in compensation and include the following most highly compensated staff:

  • $171,916:  Linda Tantawi, CEO Greater New York City
  • $159,565:  Elaine Grobman, CEO Philadelphia
  • $155,746:  Catherine D Stone, Executive Director Greater Atlanta
  • $150,519:  Lisa Wolter, Executive Director, Orange County
  • $147,130:  Michelle Ostrander, CEO Denver Metro (until 8/15)
  • $143,178:  David Richart, Executive Director, Puget Sound
  • $136,123:  Laura Farmer Sherman, Executive Director, San Diego
  • $136,064:  Kelly L MacMillan, Executive Director, Sacramento
  • $132,866:  Glen Peck, Senior Director, Digital Communication, Greater New York City

To read the IRS 990’s, click here.

To read updated information “Executive Compensation at Susan G Komen (2017-2018),” click here.

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