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October 19, 2018

The Invisible Boy

by Anne Paddock

The Invisible Boy is the heartbreaking and heartwarming story of a young boy named Brian – a talented, creative, and quiet child who is all but invisible to the world around him, to his teacher who is preoccupied with the disruptive children, to his classmates playing kickball, and to the other kids in the lunchroom and classroom. Then, one day a boy named Justin joins Brian’s class.  Different from the other children, Justin eats Korean food (prepared by his grandmother) with chopsticks while the other children eat more traditional American lunches with their hands.

Written by Trudy Ludwig – an author whose work focuses on helping children cope with and thrive in their social environment and an active member of the International Bullying Prevention Association – and illustrated by Patrice Barton, The Invisible Boy is the story of how a young, introverted boy comes out of his shell to shine in a world that rewards the disruptive and extroverted.

At the center of the story is the power of kindness and specifically small acts of kind gestures to others – making the new kid in school feel welcome, including others in your group, and finding ways to appreciate each other’s strengths. A great book for children of all ages, The Invisible Boy reminds the reader of the importance of our own behavior towards others and the power of personal generosity.

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