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July 6, 2019


Dr-Cow Raw Chocolate Bricks

by Anne Paddock

One of the great benefits of following a plant-based diet is enjoying dark chocolate whose subtle differences in taste, texture, and aroma become more pronounced over time.  Acquiring a taste for dark chocolate evolves but once you’ve come to appreciate the purity and intensity of dark chocolate, you’ll never want to eat milk chocolate ever again. The difference is really that striking.

Dr-Cow, a small storefront in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn is known for making organic, raw, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and soy-free food products, especially tree nut cheese, granola, biscotti, crackers, desserts, and chocolates.

Dr-Cow’s raw (meaning none of the ingredients are heated about 120 degrees so the important nutrients and enzymes do not break down) chocolate bricks weigh about 3 grams each (about 9 bricks make an ounce). Small but intense, the bricks are made in a variety of flavors including dark chocolate and hazelnuts, dark chocolate and goji berries and cocoa nibs, and dark chocolate and pili nut (a rich, buttery tasting nut that looks like a white peanut) butter. While the bricks with the hazelnuts, goji berries and cocoa nibs have an added crunch, the bricks with the pili nut butter are rich and creamy, better than a truffle.

A box of 24 mixed raw chocolate bricks can be purchased for $16 at Le Botaniste (two locations in Manhattan) or indiividually at the Dr-Cow store at 93 South 6th Street in Williamsburg (right across the bridge) in Brooklyn. Or, call Dr-Cow at 718-496-7212 to inquire if the chocolates can be sent via fed-ex (if the temperatures are not too hot).

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  1. Heidi Altree
    Jul 9 2019

    Looks amazing! I’ll give these a try

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