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Dr-Cow Raw Chocolate Bricks

One of the great benefits of following a plant-based diet is enjoying dark chocolate whose subtle differences in taste, texture, and aroma become more pronounced over time. ¬†Acquiring a taste for dark chocolate evolves but once you’ve come to appreciate the purity and intensity of dark chocolate, you’ll never want to eat milk chocolate ever again. The difference is really that striking.

Dr-Cow, a small storefront in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn is known for making organic, raw, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and soy-free food products, especially tree nut cheese, granola, biscotti, crackers, desserts, and chocolates. Read more »


Noah’s Raw Chocolate

The Raw Chocolate Man (aka Noah Nicolas Loin) hails from Fairfield, Iowa – a small city in southeast Iowa known for innovation. Surrounded by farms growing corn and soybeans along with cattle and hog operations, Fairfield is not a city where most people expect to find an abundance of start-ups, including software and development companies, an international center for TM (Transcendental Meditation), and Noah’s Raw Chocolate – a company committed to making raw chocolate desserts that also happen to be non-GMO, dairy free, gluten-free, organic, and delicious. Read more »


Vivi Chocolate

What Love Tastes Like…Simply Chocolate

Back in 2006, Barbara Yeager was in an herbal apothecary store in Seattle, Washington when she noticed a jar of cacao nibs (cacao beans that have been roasted at a low temperature, separated from their husks, and broken into tiny pieces). After she tasted the nibs, she understood why people are really into chocolate: because cacao nibs taste like chocolate without the sweetness. It was love at first bite. Read more »