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August 19, 2015


Noah’s Raw Chocolate

by Anne Paddock

The Raw Chocolate Man (aka Noah Nicolas Loin) hails from Fairfield, Iowa – a small city in southeast Iowa known for innovation. Surrounded by farms growing corn and soybeans along with cattle and hog operations, Fairfield is not a city where most people expect to find an abundance of start-ups, including software and development companies, an international center for TM (Transcendental Meditation), and Noah’s Raw Chocolate – a company committed to making raw chocolate desserts that also happen to be non-GMO, dairy free, gluten-free, organic, and delicious.

Noah’s Raw Chocolate makes three types of raw chocolate bars made of all organic raw ingredients:

Vanilla Raw Almond:Made of almonds, cacao powder, honey, raw cacao butter, avocado oil, vanilla extract and Himalayan Pink Salt, the Vanilla Raw Almond Bar has deep rich chocolate nutty flavor, with only 3 grams of sugar for a half ounce serving.Noah'_Vanilla-Raw_Almond_Bars

Coconut Cacao Pow: This bar is also known as the Honey Coconut Bar. Made of honey, cacao powder, cacao butter, coconut flakes (not roasted), coconut oil, and Himalayan Pink Salt, the Coconut Cacao Pow bar combines two of nature’s big nuts – coconut and cacao – for a winning combination.Noah"s_Raw_Chocolate

Avocado-Pistachio: The most unusual raw chocolate bar (but totally scrumptious) that relies on cacao powder, cacao butter, and honey blended with avocado oil, pistachios, and Himalayan Pink Salt.Noah's_Raw_Chocolate_Avocado_Pistachio

and two types of cups:

The Earth Diet Peanut Butter Cup: Noah’s interpretation of that famous peanut butter cup that tastes infinitely better because it’s made with organic and raw cacao powder, cacao butter, honey, almonds, avocado oil, Himalayan Pink Salt enrobed around organic roasted peanut butter.Noah's Raw Peanut_Butter_Cup

The Earth Diet Almond Butter Cup: The same ingredients as the company’s peanut butter cup but with organic roasted almond butter instead of peanut butter. One bite and you will wonder why it took so long for almond butter cups to be invented?Noah's_Raw_Almond_Butter_Cups

Noah’s Raw Chocolate bars (2 ounces) are sold in a sealed 100% biodegradable cellophane bag that is then wrapped in a brown paper bag wrapping. Each bar sells for $6.99 at Five mini-bars of the Avocado-Pistachio bar (1 ounce each) are also available for $9.99. The bars are also carried at select retailers in Iowa and New York (see the company’s site for specific store locations).

The cups are also sealed in 100% biodegradable cellophane bags and sold for $5.99 (peanut butter) and $6.49 (almond butter) at the company’s website. For those who want to try everything, consider the Rock’n Sampler box (one of each of the 3 bars and 2 cups along with 2 one ounce mini vanilla almond bars) for $29.99.

  1. Jeffrey Hedquist
    Jan 7 2017

    Deliciously addictive.

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    Aug 19 2015


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