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June 30, 2021

Executive Compensation at Piedmont Healthcare

by Anne Paddock

Piedmont Healthcare is a tax-exempt, non -profit healthcare provider based in Atlanta, Georgia with 11 hospitals, 34 urgent care centers, 25 “QuickCare” centers, and more than 550 physician offices that employ more than 23,000 employees.

Made up of dozens of other organizations that include non-profits, taxable corporations, and taxable trusts, Piedmont Healthcare has one organization – Piedmont Healthcare, Inc. (PHI) – whose mission is to manage all the affiliated/related and subsidiary organizations in the system.

PHI has 20 voting members of its governing body, 14 of whom are independent. 17 of the 20 (85%) board members are male while 3 of the 20 (15%) are female.

In 2019, PHI reported total revenue of $165 million, most of which came from the affiliate organizations as a management fee.  Expenses totaled $164 million (including $30 million in depreciation) with the 3 largest expenses reported to be compensation ($42 million), fees for services – primarily contract and administrative ($34 million), and office-related expenses ($31 million).

3,427 employees received $42 million in compensation, which equates to an average compensation of $12,000 (low).  437 employees received more than $100,000 in compensation with the 14 most highly compensated reported to be:

  • $4,160,372:  Kevin Brown, Board Member and CEO, PHC
  • $1,297,926:  Sidney Kirschner, Chief Philanthropy Officer
  • $1,247,560:  Leigh Hamby, PHC Chief Medical Officer
  • $1,232,236:  Michael McAnder, CFO and Treasurer
  • $1,052,344:  Vicki Cansler, Chief HR Officer
  • $1,038,107:  Michael Mandl, EVP
  • $  994,043:  Christopher Lloyd, President, Piedmont Clinic
  • $  852,756:  Elizabeth Leddy, Chief Legal Officer, Secretary
  • $  835,461:  Thomas Arnold, VP Financial Operations
  • $  778,287:  Jeffrey Brown, CIO
  • $  763,908:  Michelle Fisher, President, Prim Care and Ret Services
  • $  759,112:  Matthew Gove, Chief Marketing Officer
  • $  696,751:  John Henson, Chief of Oncology
  • $  606,206:  Gregory Hurst, COO

The 14 most highly compensated employees received more than $16 million in compensation.  10 of the 14 (71%) most highly compensated employees are male while 4 of the 14 (29%) are female.

PHI paid for first class travel, companion travel and provided discretionary spending accounts. To read details about these expenses, please go to the Form 990, Schedule J, Part III, Supplemental Information.

The following employees received payments from their Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP):

  • $1,653,134:  Kevin Brown
  • $  345,151:  Vicki Cansler
  • $   88,826:  Leigh Hamby
  • $   82,227:  Sidney Kirschner
  • $   59,978:  Thomas Arnold
  • $   54,192:  Matthew Gove

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