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Nothin’ But® Granola Cookies

Enjoy nothin’ but the deliciousness of a few real ingredients, tastefully combined.

Nothin’ But® Granola Cookies are made by Nothin’ But Foods of Westport, Connecticut – a company established by two entrepreneurs who know that “simple ingredients combined in the right way can achieve tasty greatness.” Tired of the junk food that was being passed off as nutritious and good, Jerri Graham and Steve Laitman created granola cookies in two flavors:  Cherry Cranberry Almond and Chocolate Coconut Almond. Read more »


8 to the bar

8 to the bar is a gluten-free and dairy-free snack made of 8 (mostly organic) ingredients: nuts (almonds and walnuts), seeds (pepitas, sunflower, and sesame), dried fruits (figs, cherries), and oats blended with local, raw, unfiltered honey, organic coconut oil, organic evaporated coconut palm sugar, and organic coconut manna. A chewy, crunchy, and slightly sweet blend of wholesome ingredients, 8 to the bar is a delicious snack food to be enjoyed any time of the day. Read more »


Wholeme Clusters

Wholeme Clusters are a delicious alternative to preservative-filled sugar laden snacks, that can be eaten right out of the bag, on your favorite yogurt or frozen dessert, in a parfait, or with your favorite fruit.

Chewy and moist yet crunchy, Wholeme Clusters are the perfect answer to the “give me something good to eat” that is wholesome, naturally sweetened, nutrient dense, and out of this world delicious without grain, gluten, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, or added sugar. Read more »


Back To The Roots Organic Stoneground Flakes

Food should come from the kitchen, not a lab.

Back To The Roots is probably the only company that tells the consumer exactly what’s in their cereal, where the ingredients are grown and harvested,how its made and how you can make it. Yep, they give you the recipe and complete instructions on how to make their cereal at home. So, if you’re feeling the inner Martha Stewart and want to get adventurous in the kitchen, knock yourself out by making stoneground flakes cereal in the comfort of your home. Read more »


Anson Mills Stone Cut Oats

Behold the phenomenon of real fresh oats.

Agricultural products depend on soil, seed, farming practices, preparation and enjoying the final product so it goes beyond saying that not all oats are created equal. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that oats – like many other products (think grocery store tomatoes versus Farmhouse tomatoes) – vary tremendously in flavor and it’s not because some are instant, flakes, or steel-cut but rather if the oat has been bred for flavor (as opposed to yield, visual appeal, shelf life, disease resistance, or transport) and grown in soil that uses crop rotation to maximize the nutrients and thus the flavor of the oat. Healthy, nutrient rich soil makes great tasting food. Read more »


Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola and Puffs

Purely Elizabeth of granola fame has a new cereal on the market: Ancient Grain Granola + Puffs Cereal. It’s the same award-winning, great tasting, and nutritious granola – Original, Blueberry Hemp, Cranberry Pecan, and Pumpkin Fig – but with nutrient-rich millet puffs added for a cereal that is high in nutrition but lower in sugar, calories and fat. Add fresh fruit – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, blackberries, bananas – for an unbeatable bowl of cereal. Read more »


NuttyPirateGranola Bars

The western coastal waters off central Florida are known for treasure hunting opportunities with long ago sunken ships waiting to be discovered but this area (Ellenton, Florida) is also the home of Nutty Pirate Snacks – the makers of NuttyPirateGranola Bars: all natural, gluten and lactose-free granola bars that come in a variety of flavors.

Made of wholesome ingredients including oats, tapioca flour, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, dark chocolate chips, and nuts blended with agave nectar and homemade brown sugar (organic sugar and molasses), NuttyPirateGranola Bars are flavorful, chewy, slightly crunchy, and delicious. Read more »


Five More Fantastic Granolas

Choosing a granola is becoming a time-consuming project with the selections growing daily. Along with Early Bird Foods, Purely Elizabeth, Bola, Our Daily Eats, and Granola Lab, all of whom make fabulous granola, there are five more fantastic granolas worth trying. Each is made with an eye on nutrition, texture, and taste with no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.  What they all have in common is deliciousness. Oats, nuts, seeds, fruit…..the combinations are endless. Read more »


Five Fantastic Granolas

Do you remember the days when the granola selection was limited to Kellogg’s, General Foods, Bear Naked (the new kid on the block years ago), and the bulk containers in the health food aisle? Over the past five years, the granola market has literally exploded with dozens of companies making the “perfect” granola which is, of course, totally subjective.

There are purists who favor a granola with a base of oats, nuts, and honey and there are the adventurous ones who want dried fruits, seeds, and other tasty additions. And, there are those who favor a low sugar (as in less than 6 grams of sugar per serving), low-fat (nearly impossible if nuts are included), gluten-free, nut-free, high protein, high fiber, and more. The good news: there is a granola to suit nearly everyone’s tastes. Read more »


Flax Granola by CCB and G

Flax Granola by Columbia County Bread and Granola (CCB and G) wins the prize for the most unique and forward thinking granola on the market by making a line of granola without added oils and challenging the traditional recipe for granola that calls for oats as a base.  Instead, the company relies on flax seeds, baking them slowly at a low temperature to preserve the integrity of flax’s rich omega 3 fatty acids and to provide the crunchy texture granola fans have come to expect. But that’s not all. The company uses spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves to give the granola a slightly sweet yet savory flavor.

Read more »