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Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Bark

One of the many traditions during the holiday season is to enjoy chocolate bark – a sheet of chocolate with nuts, dried fruits, pretzels, chips, or candy blended in. ¬†Although peppermint bark is one of the most popular treats during the holiday season, chocolate hazelnut bark or chocolate bark made with roasted hazelnuts is growing in popularity because the hazelnut (also known as a filbert) is naturally sweet with a rich, nutty, and versatile flavor that goes well with dark chocolate. Read more »


Halloween Treats for Adults

Most adults don’t go trick or treating unless they happen to be the parent of a primary school aged child. For those of us who embrace Halloween, this is a responsibility we take very seriously – enough to make some of us consider spacing our kids out far enough to ensure we are needed for decades. Yes, I mourned the day my daughter was old enough to go trick or treating without me but I don’t know if it was because she was growing up or because I wouldn’t be able to scarf candy out of her bag before she noticed or get free handouts by the neighbors. Read more »