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October 18, 2014


Halloween Treats for Adults

by Anne Paddock

Most adults don’t go trick or treating unless they happen to be the parent of a primary school aged child. For those of us who embrace Halloween, this is a responsibility we take very seriously – enough to make some of us consider spacing our kids out far enough to ensure we are needed for decades. Yes, I mourned the day my daughter was old enough to go trick or treating without me but I don’t know if it was because she was growing up or because I wouldn’t be able to scarf candy out of her bag before she noticed or get free handouts by the neighbors.

Kids grow up, life goes on, but Halloween still rolls around every October so I celebrate by ordering chocolate – preferably dark – from some of my favorite chocolatiers – one of which is EH Chocolatier of Sommerville, Massachusetts (5 miles northwest of Boston) – an independently owned artisan chocolatier and confectioner who makes scrumptious chocolate that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Six of my favorite chocolates from this creative group of chocolatiers include:

Pecan Clusters: Fresh pecans are roasted in maple syrup and a touch of sea salt and then blended into creamy caramel made with Knob Creek Bourbon and then topped with E. Guittard’s 65% dark chocolate and a sprinkle of fleur de sel. A 5-6 piece collection is $11.50 while a 10-12 piece gift box is $18.95. A contemporary interpretation of an American classic.1400191_612291255483438_813206161_o

Maple Pecan Bites: Fresh pecans are roasted in maple syrup and a touch of salt and then covered in 65% dark chocolate. A turtle without the caramel is another way to describe these rich, crunchy treats. A 4-ounce bag with 12 pieces is $13 – and lasted exactly 2 days in my home (and there was nobody home but me…).Maple_Pecan_Bites

Chocolate Orange: Two great flavors: orange and chocolate are combined by taking dehydrated Valencia orange slices dipped in Valrhona 70% Guanaja chocolate. Sweet and tangy meet rich, dark chocolate in this classic combination. Beautiful to look at and scrumptious as a dessert.EH_CHOCOLATIER_AUGUST2014_ORANGES-7914.shopify_large

Ancho Bar: Spiced almonds and pecans are combined with pretzel pieces, blended with caramel made with Belvenie Scotch (a single malt Scotch from Scotland) and enrobed with a 65% single varietal dark chocolate. A drizzle of milk chocolate across the top adds the finishing touch to this candy bar for adults. Five 1-ounce bars are $14. For the trick-or-treater who loves a bit of spice and a lot of flavor.ancho bar

Coconutty Bar: If you loved Almond Joy and Mounds bars as a kid, you will adore the Coconutty  Bar: sweetened coconut topped with roasted almonds and dark chocolate. Five 1-ounce bars are $14.coconutty bar

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Bark: Candied hazelnuts covered in E. Guittard’s 65% dark chocolate. A 4-ounce bag is $10 while a 7-ounce gift box is $18.95. All chocolate bark should taste this good.hazelnut bark

To order or read more about the above confections and other chocolates by EH Chocolatier, go to the company website:

Photo Credits:  Photography Credit should be given to: Pecan Clusters (Jennifer Flescher Photography); Maple Pecan Bites and Chocolate Orange (Brian Samuels Photography).

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  1. isabella
    Oct 18 2014

    Yum! This looks sooo good!
    I can’t wait to try it…
    Best wishes,

  2. All of these treats look delicious!

  3. Oct 26 2014

    They are!

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