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The Rice Bowl (without the rice)

Rice bowls are the “it bowls” of the moment with the popularity of this one-bowl meal growing exponentially day by day because of its versatility. The basic concept of a rice bowl is to cover a mound of rice with vegetables, beans, and/or tofu with the possibilities virtually endless because there are so many types of ingredients to choose from, even if rice seems to be the foundation. But what if you skip the rice and stick to vegetables and tofu? Well then, you’ll have a rice bowl without the rice: ¬†a delicious, crunchy, colorful bowl of vegetables with seasoned tofu. Read more »


Eden Shake

The Eden Shake is a sesame and sea vegetable seasoning made with sesame seeds (black and white), pickled red shiso leaf (red shiso, sea salt, ume plum vinegar) and nori seaweed. Although sesame seeds are relatively mainstream, red shiso leaf and nori seaweed may leave some people scratching their heads.

Red shiso leaf is a culinary¬†herb belonging to the mint family that is often used as a seasoning in China and Japan. Nori seaweed is an edible seaweed that is commonly used as a wrap for sushi. Together these four ingredients make for a very tasty, low sodium, and low-calorie seasoning agent for cooked vegetables, salads, tofu, pasta, potatoes, grains, and more. Read more »