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December 11, 2015

Eden Shake

by Anne Paddock

The Eden Shake is a sesame and sea vegetable seasoning made with sesame seeds (black and white), pickled red shiso leaf (red shiso, sea salt, ume plum vinegar) and nori seaweed. Although sesame seeds are relatively mainstream, red shiso leaf and nori seaweed may leave some people scratching their heads.

Red shiso leaf is a culinary herb belonging to the mint family that is often used as a seasoning in China and Japan. Nori seaweed is an edible seaweed that is commonly used as a wrap for sushi. Together these four ingredients make for a very tasty, low sodium, and low-calorie seasoning agent for cooked vegetables, salads, tofu, pasta, potatoes, grains, and more.

Eden_ShakeThe Eden Shake can also be used to enhance vinaigrettes, marinades, salad dressings, dips, and spreads. With a dispenser cap that allows the ingredients to be gently shaken out, the Eden Shake is a tasty alternative to the salt shaker (salt has 2,325 mg of sodium per teaspoon compared to 50 mg of sodium in a teaspoon of Eden Shake).

For centuries, the Japanese have combined sesame seeds with land and sea vegetables to create tasty condiments known as  “furikake.” To make the Eden Shake, the company starts with roasted sesame seeds. After pickling the red shiso leaves in plum vinegar and sea salt, the leaves are dried, chopped and ground. The shiso powder and roasted sesame seeds are then combined with dried green nori flakes to make one very special ready-to-use condiment.

The Eden Shake can be purchased nationwide at grocery strores, health food markets, or on-line through the company’s website:, or,, and,  Each 2.1 ounce container (60 grams) sells for about $7-$8, depending on the retailer.

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