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Why “Republicans” Are Voting for Sanders in State Primaries

The Republicans are lining up behind Donald Trump to nominate him as the presidential party candidate in November but rumor has it Pro-Trump Republicans are leaving their party in droves (not because they don’t want Trump but instead to ensure his victory) to register as Democrats in order to vote in closed primary elections (the 50 states have an open primary where registered voters may vote in any party primary regardless of party affiliation, a closed primary where registered voters may only vote in the party he or she is affiliated with or a hybrid of sorts). Read more »


How to Compete With the NRA

The primary reason the NRA is so successful at keeping guns, rifles, assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in so many people’s hands is because they are organized and well-funded. The foundation of the organization is the NRA itself – a non-profit 501 (c) (4) that has a reported 5 million members who pay about $40 annually each.  This is key (a 501 (c) (4) cannot accept tax deductible contributions (although they can accept contributions that are NOT tax deductible) so the NRA focuses on membership).

The NRA holds fundraisers, and is affiliated with four non-profit 501 (c) (3)’s – NRA Foundation, NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, NRA Special Contributions Fund, NRA Freedom Action Foundation – all of whom can collect tax deductible donations and use these funds to support firearm organizations, educate the public, and provide legal assistance. The NRA is also affiliated with a PAC (NRA Political Victory Fund) which contributes to political organizations and candidates.  Read more »


Why Bloomberg Should Run For President

Politics is one of two topics (the other being religion) that should rarely be talked about because most people feel passionately about their beliefs and don’t want to change their minds.  They don’t want to hear an opposing opinion which is generally why most people hang out with people just like themselves.  There’s a comfort in being with like-minded people except that the world becomes very small and isolating. Given that we live in a global world with complex economic, environmental, and social issues, we need to ensure the next leader we elect as President isn’t part of the us and them political parties.  Read more »