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February 23, 2016


Why Bloomberg Should Run For President

by Anne Paddock

Politics is one of two topics (the other being religion) that should rarely be talked about because most people feel passionately about their beliefs and don’t want to change their minds.  They don’t want to hear an opposing opinion which is generally why most people hang out with people just like themselves.  There’s a comfort in being with like-minded people except that the world becomes very small and isolating. Given that we live in a global world with complex economic, environmental, and social issues, we need to ensure the next leader we elect as President isn’t part of the us and them political parties. 

America is polarized; fed up with partisan politics where Congressional and Senate members tow the party line just to spite the other party instead of voting for what’s best for the country. Americans are looking for leadership and change, which is exactly why Donald Trump has made the inroads he has in the primaries leading up to the election in November. Who would have thought that a combative big-mouthed billionaire businessman would ever be leading in the polls for the Republican nomination?  Not me. But, I would rather have Trump in the oval office than Cruz or Rubio for a variety of reasons but that doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for him. As a fiscally conservative social liberal, Trump scares me.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are battling it out in the Democratic primaries and although most polls predict Clinton will get the nomination, Sanders has always been underestimated. So many of Sander’s ideas make sense and the guy has integrity and character rarely seen in the American political scene. But, is America ready for a social and fiscal liberal who wants to make the playing field more level than it is (acknowledging that the field will never be fair although it is seriously out of line)?

Socialism is a dirty word in America even though many of our systems (i.e. Medicare, Social Security, the public library system, the postal service, farm subsidies, etc) are socialized services; we just don’t like to call them socialized. And, then there is Hillary Clinton who people tend to feel very strongly about – they either love her or hate her. She’s a survivor with decades of experience, but many people fear that if she wins, it’s the same old, same old and everyone is tired of the status quo right now in Washington, DC. Which, brings me to Michael Bloomberg.

Michael Bloomberg has dipped his toe into American politics but is sitting on the sidelines right now to see what’s going to happen over the next few months. Some people say he won’t run as an Independent if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination; others say he will. I hope he decides to run because there isn’t another candidate that will make me feel like this country will get back on track with people working together across party lines for what’s best for the country as a whole and not what’s best for the Republicans or the Democrats.

Michael Bloomberg is an entrepreneur, a successful businessman who knows how to build and lead a business along with being a public servant (he managed the second largest city in the world). He understands our economy probably better than any candidate, is a true leader, and is non-partisan (he was a Democrat until 2001, then a Republican until 2007, and an Independent since then) and has worked across party lines to get things done.  Michael Bloomberg realized before the rest of us that to move forward, it’s not about the parties but the system as a whole. Our economy doesn’t operate in a vacuum and Bloomberg seems to understand this more than any other candidate. What happens in China, Europe, Russia and the rest of the world matters. Fiscal responsibility will make or break our economy in the future and Bloomberg more than any other candidate has demonstrated fiscal responsibility and success in both the public and private sector.

Despite being mayor of New York for three terms, Bloomberg still retains a level of diplomacy that would make working with other countries more effective (read:  I worry about Trump and Putin in the same hemisphere together, actually, I worry about them being on the same planet together). Bloomberg also supports gun control (reflecting what most polls say that Americans want despite what the NRA spews forth), is pro-choice, and in favor of immigration reform which needs to be addressed. Building a wall on any border is never a solution to immigration (just ask the citizens of Switzerland).  Policies make or break lives; physical walls don’t because people always find a way to get over them.

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  1. Feb 23 2016

    Thanks Pam. I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. pam
    Feb 23 2016

    Thanks Anne.
    Well said. You are not alone in proposing that Michael Bloomberg get involved!
    It would be historic in many ways, but perhaps the wisest choice for the good of
    this country. Warmest regards, Pam

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