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Organic Nectars Chocolate

Sometimes simplicity is the point…..

Organic Nectars has been dedicated to making and delivering the finest quality artisanal food products for more than a decade. Based out of small town – Maldon-on-Hudson – about 40 miles south of Albany, Organic Nectars specializes in raw products (nothing heated above 118 degrees to preserve maximum nutritional value) that are healthy, environmentally friendly, and delicious. Read more »


Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate

Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate makes eight decadent dark chocolate bars in an allergen-free beans-to-bar facility to ensure the purity of their chocolate. Free of nuts, peanuts, soy, dairy, wheat, gluten, and egg with no genetically modified ingredients, the bars have full ingredient traceability. Rich, dark and delicious, these bars are the essence of simplicity, made with the firm belief that the less you touch a food product, the more delicious the taste. Read more »


Theo Salted Almond 70% Chocolate Bar

Seattle-based Theo Chocolate makes one of the best tasting dark chocolate bars on the market:  the Salted Almond 70% Chocolate Bar. The company starts with the finest 70% dark chocolate made from organic, fair trade and non-GMO certified cocoa beans (that come primarily from the Congo, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Peru) and adds organic almonds and a touch of Fleur de Sel to produce the ultimate sweet and slightly salty chocolate bar that has a crunch in every bite. Read more »


Theo Chocolate

Touted as the first organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory in the US, Theo Chocolates is a Seattle-based company that makes a variety of chocolate caramels, cream-based ganache chocolates, bars, sipping chocolate, and nibs. Most chocolate manufacturers specialize in producing gift box assortments or bars but not Theo, who controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process from the bean sourcing to the final packaging. This approach allows the company to produce a varied product line that is sure to please the consummate chocolate lover. Read more »