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Back Roads Granola

After all these years, we are still Crunchy Granola People.

At the southeastern tip of Vermont is a town called Brattleboro where a family-owned bakery of self-described “crunchy granola people” makes some of the most delicious and nutritious granolas on the market.

Using only non-GMO certified organic ingredients, Back Roads Granola is also noteworthy for what they don’t use: ┬ásugar, salt, canola oil, and no wheat products (all the granolas are certified gluten-free). Instead, the company uses Vermont maple syrup and honey to add a slight sweetness to the granola along with a touch of sunflower oil. Read more »


Slipstream Organic Granola

When a cyclist (who owns Slipstream Cycling) from Fort Madison, Iowa teamed up with a pastry chef from Boulder, Colorado, the collaboration resulted in the creation of Slipstream Organic Granola: four delicious varieties of granola that primarily rely on organic wildflower honey as a sweetener.

Mixed by hand and made in small batches, Slipstream Granola is chock full of oats, nuts (hazelnuts and almonds), and seeds (sunflower and sesame) – which makes for a scrumptious, crunchy granola low in sugar (3 – 6 grams of sugar per serving) and high in wholesomeness. Read more »