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June 8, 2015


Slipstream Organic Granola

by Anne Paddock

When a cyclist (who owns Slipstream Cycling) from Fort Madison, Iowa teamed up with a pastry chef from Boulder, Colorado, the collaboration resulted in the creation of Slipstream Organic Granola: four delicious varieties of granola that primarily rely on organic wildflower honey as a sweetener.

Mixed by hand and made in small batches, Slipstream Granola is chock full of oats, nuts (hazelnuts and almonds), and seeds (sunflower and sesame) – which makes for a scrumptious, crunchy granola low in sugar (3 – 6 grams of sugar per serving) and high in wholesomeness.

The four varieties include:

Heidi’s Blend: The original blend with an emphasis on honey, nuts, and oats. Crunchy, nutty and traditional.Slipstream_Granola_Heidi's_Blend

Theo’s Blend:  Rich, honeyed clusters of toasted oats, nuts, seeds, and coconut blended with 70% dark chocolate pieces makes for a balanced flavor with just a touch of sweetness.Slipstream_Granola_Theo's_Blend

Julie’s Blend: Crunchy walnuts, dried apples, nutmeg, and cinnamon blended with honey, nuts, and oats make for a delightfully tasty granola reminiscent of apple crisp.Slipstream_Organic_Granola _Julie's_Blend

Greta’s Blend: The newest blend that is gluten-free and made with coconut oil. The emphasis here is on coconut and cacao blended with nutty, crunchy nuts, seeds, and honeyed clusters.

Enjoy Slipstream Organic Granola right out of the bag, as a breakfast cereal, or scoop a few spoonfuls on top of oatmeal or your favorite dessert.Slipstream_Granola

The granolas can be purchased on-line directly from the company ( Each 12 ounce bag is $6.99. Bulk purchases (5 pounds or more for $7.99 per pound) are also available. Retail outlets – primarily in Iowa – including the Whole Foods Market in West Des Moines (and the Chicago area Whole Foods Markets this summer) also stock the granola in the bulk section and in the packaged pouches. Slipstream Organics can also be found at the infamous Downtown Des Moines Farmers’ Market on select Saturdays from May thru October. See the company website for a complete list of retailers that stock Slipstream Organic Granola.

  1. Nov 12 2017

    Please refer to the label for nutrition information or contact the company with the link provided.

  2. James Harris
    Nov 12 2017

    The Greta’s Blend package states 5% carbohydrates. I’m on a low carb diet, exactly how many carbs are in one cup,of Greta’s, please?

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