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December 5, 2012

La Maison du Chocolat Confret Maison

by Anne Paddock

The French chocolate house La Maison du Chocolat makes some of the most decadent, expensive and best tasting chocolate in the world.  The “Coffret Maison” is loosely translated to mean the “House Box” – the signature box of chocolates which contain an assortment of praline, ganache, and mousse in milk and dark chocolate – all of which are exquisite and provide a sampling of the famous French chocolatier.

The Coffret Maison contains up to 33 different milk and dark chocolates. The ganache comes four ways: plain (milk chocolate, bittersweet, or robust), flavored (with fresh mint, tea, raspberry pulp or lemon zest), mixed (with passion fruit and juice, roasted coffee, or flambéed grapes in rum), or infused (with orange zest, bourbon vanilla, fennel, orange and lemon zest, cinnamon sticks, or coffee beans).

72361_505991259434742_1887134869_nThe pralines are made with grilled and caramelized almonds, enrobed with almonds and roasted hazelnuts, with almonds and hazelnuts, caramelized hazelnuts, mixed with caramelized and finely ground hazelnuts, with hazelnuts, almonds, and crispy pieces of crepes, or with Malden salt.

The mousse selection includes a caramelized mousse, a cafe au lait, with caramelized hazelnuts, infused with cherry liquor, or with flambéed rum.

The boxes come in unique sizes: 28 pieces (0.51 pound) for about $57, 42 pieces (.68 pound) for about $77, 61 pieces (1.06 pounds) for about $118, 72 pieces (1.28 pounds) for about $150 and 105 pieces (1.85 pounds) for about $210. Although expensive at approximately $115 per pound, the price is worth the quality even if you only indulge once or twice a year. The half pound box with 28 pieces is a perfect gift for the chocolate lover.644683_546525862047948_101775701_n

The chocolate can be purchased directly from La Maison du Chocolat who offers complimentary shipping for orders over $120. The chocolates are also available through Saks (with free shipping) and Williams-Sonoma (with free shipping for Reserve members).

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