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Chocolate Covered Blood Orange Slices (DIY)

Necessity is the mother of invention.

EHChocolatier of Somerville, Massachusetts made a decadent treat called Blood Orange & Chocolate but ran out just before Valentine’s Day after being named one of the best chocolatiers in the country. Desperate for more of these treats, the only way was to make them myself.

I could have bought blood oranges, sliced and dehydrated the pieces but instead I placed an order with Simple & Crisp – a Seattle, Washington-based company that specializes in dried fruit crisps with a  cracker-like texture  – for a few boxes of their Blood Orange Dried Fruit Crisps. Read more »


Theo Coconut Bites

Theo Chocolate of Seattle, Washington recently introduced Coconut Bites: three distinct types of sweet and chewy coconut bars that seem to be the Pacific northwest’s answer to the sibling duo (Almond Joy and Mounds bars by Hershey) that originated in the northeast.

Talk about taking something from good to great. That’s Theo Chocolate. Last year the organic fair-trade certified company did it with the rollout of peanut butter cups made with CB’s Nuts Peanut Butter and their own homemade chocolate and this year the Seattle chocolate maker combined coconut and chocolate to create Coconut Bites. Read more »


The Ultimate Peanut Butter Cup

Man cannot live by bread alone. He must have chocolate and peanut butter.

Nearly one hundred years ago, a former dairy farmer and shipping foreman for Hershey named H.B. Reese invented the Peanut Butter Cup. Decades passed and until recently there hasn’t been much innovation in the peanut butter cup industry. Chocolate maker extraordinaire – Theo Chocolate – and master peanut butter maker, CB’s Nuts – have joined forces to make one very extraordinary Peanut Butter Cup: ground fresh peanuts covered in creamy milk or rich dark chocolate. Read more »


Made in Nature Pineapple

Made in Nature Pineapples are grown on organic farms in the rich and fertile volcanic valley above the cloud forests in Costa Rica. Moist and chewy with the bold flavor of the tropics in which the pineapples are grown, Made in Nature Pineapple has one ingredient: organic dried pineapple pieces.

Naturally sweet with no added sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial colors, the dried unsulfured bite-sized golden pineapple morsels are simply delicious. One bite (which is hard to do because the pineapple is addicting) of this wholesome and nutritious fruit will convince you that Made in Nature makes the best dried pineapple on the market.

Read more »


Theo Salted Almond 70% Chocolate Bar

Seattle-based Theo Chocolate makes one of the best tasting dark chocolate bars on the market:  the Salted Almond 70% Chocolate Bar. The company starts with the finest 70% dark chocolate made from organic, fair trade and non-GMO certified cocoa beans (that come primarily from the Congo, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Peru) and adds organic almonds and a touch of Fleur de Sel to produce the ultimate sweet and slightly salty chocolate bar that has a crunch in every bite. Read more »


Nicobella Dark Chocolate Truffles

Dark Chocolate should be its own food group.

Nicobella Organics makes all natural organic dark chocolate truffles in six flavors: Pure Cocoa Bliss, Ginger Green Tea, Pumpkin Chai, Walnut Flaxseed Crunch, Blueberry Almond, and Sunflower Banana Butter. Rich and decadent, these silky smooth truffles will melt in your mouth making it hard to believe dairy products are not used to make these decadent treats. Instead of milk and cream, Nicobella uses oat milk and coconut oil along with pumpkin seed butter, ginger, green tea, walnuts, flaxseed, blueberries, almonds, sunflower seed butter, raw agave, brown rice syrup, sesame seeds, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs and spices to make their truffles and then enrobes them in Theo’s 70% dark chocolate. The result:  pure bliss. Read more »